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Date: 2012



Interested in the world of design, Vito Nesta graduated in Industrial Design in Florence. The journey is a constant in his life, it is a necessity used to give continuous stimuli to his creativity, because there is no knowledge without cognition. He is interested in everything that comes from the design and thought, ranging from graphics to architecture, and also interested in photography and painting. Design is very important to him because ideas and emotions, thoughts and insights merge in it, and with it emerges the soul of the designer.
His research aims to the concept of functionality and aesthetics, developed by own subjective impressions, and then to be expressed in persuasive forms always having a strong artistic spirit. Vito Nesta can be defined as the surgeon up-cycling and not a simple interior designer, but an artist who collects and assembles again materials and objects from their function, in search of a new identity. With his work he wants to urge to watch, not to give up and not to forget with indifference objects that, having been bought and used briefly, suddenly and sometimes without reason become downgraded to waste. Unique and unrepeatable not only for the materials used, but especially for the gesture handicraft and the conditions in which they were made. The thimble, object linked to childhood which the designer saw to his Grandma’s house dedicated to the art of sewing, rekindles his affective memory.┬áVito Nesta reinterprets a historical memory of his childhood and mature thanks his experience as designer he creates new realities that stimulate and arouse strong interest.


Via F.lli Bronzetti n.35
20129 Milano, Italy

+39 328 5846250

P.Iva 08041530968